Hosted Orderbook

Trader offers a free publicly hosted orderbook to manage your 0x v4 orders automatically. The orderbook handles order status, order fills

Post an order:

To post an order to the Trader orderbook, use the SDK as follows:

const order = nftSdk.buildOrder(
  // I am offering an NFT (CryptoCoven #9757)
    type: "ERC721",
    tokenAddress: "0x5180db8f5c931aae63c74266b211f580155ecac8",
    tokenId: "9757",
  // I will receive an ERC20 (5,000 of USDC)
    type: "ERC20",
    tokenAddress: "0x31f42841c2db5173425b5223809cf3a38fede360",
    amount: "500000000000000", // 5000 USDC (5000 * 6 decimals)
  // My wallet address
const signedOrder = await nftSdk.signOrder(order);
const postedOrder = await nftSdk.postOrder(signedOrder, CHAIN_ID);

Fetching Orders

// Search the orderbook for all offers to sell this NFT (CryptoCoven #9757)
const orders = await nftSwap.getOrders({
  nftToken: "0x5180db8f5c931aae63c74266b211f580155ecac8",
  nftTokenId: "9757",
  chainId: "3",
// Or search by unique nonce
const orders = await nftSwap.getOrders({
  nonce: "0x31f42841c2db5173425b5223809cf3a38fede360",
const foundOrder = orders[0];
// Once you find an order, you can then fill it

await nftSwap.fillSignedOrder(foundOrder.order);

Monitoring Orderbook Status

The status page for the orderbook can be found here:

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